Aerial Silks Solo

Elena's aerial silks performance has both the charm and grace of a dancer and breath-taking dynamic acrobatics elements. The softness of the aerial tissue together with her flexible movements gives the show a special flavor.

Aerial Hoop Solo

Aerial Hoop enchants the audience with its dynamic touch. Spinning in the air with the music, Elena creates a beautiful dance on the aerial hoop.

Elen Aerialist by Konrad Buske
Aerial Silks Duet by Elena and Natalie

Aerial Silks Duet

Aerial Silks Duet “Wire Effect” by Elena Ramírez and Natalie Schättle is a modern choreography with breath-taking acrobatic movements and mysterious dance elements. If you are looking for a special performance by 2 aerialists for your event, gala show, wedding or festival, get in touch with us.